Thursday, 18 March 2010

Baby Scream - Identity Theft

Baby Scream are a Powerpop / Classic Rock / Americana mainly based around

Juan Mazzola and were originally formed in Argentina back in 2001 but are now mainly based in London.
Mazzola seems to have a little bit of an obsession with John Lennon, Teenage Fanclub, Radiohead, and Britpop, in general, but that's all good as the music he produces, whilst heavily influenced by the aforementioned artists never resorts to ripping them off or trying to clone them.
Identity Theft is a nice little seven track Ep / mini album, they are great tracks to sit back and relax too, if that's what your looking for, unfortunately if not you may want to steer clear, as Baby Scream are just not rabble rousing riot makers!

All the songs are nice, short and sweet nice soft pop with subtle melodies and gentle grooves.

Recommended if you like the likes of Julian Lennon, Michael Penn, or the acoustic side of Teenage Fanclub.

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Rating 7/10

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