Sunday, 14 March 2010

Exit State - Death Of A Rockstar

Exit State are a great rock band hailing from Lancashire,UK, and have been causing quite a stir on the underground scene for a little while. Death Of A Rockstar is their debut album, and what a debut it is. The band have been compared with the likes of Foo Fighters, Therapy?, and Nickleback, and where as I can see where the comparisons are coming from, Exit State kind of have a sound of their own. Death Of A Rockstar see's the band combine elements of indie / rock and in places metal, to give them a great melodic but powerful sound.

All 9 songs here are of the highest quality, they're full of meaty riff yet always seem to be melodically driven. Some of the stand out tracks (And I could list all 9 tracks here!) include,
'Lost Beyond Belief', which is to be featured on the soundtrack to the forthcoming motion picture Creepsville, 'Dominates Me', title tracks, 'Death Of A Rockstar' and 'Bad Days'.
Exit State seem to have it all, and Death Of A Rockstar is a very impressive debut album.
I think the sky's the limit for this excellent hard working rock band.
This albums scheduled for release 31th May 2010 via King Prawn Records and is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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rating 10/10

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