Sunday, 7 March 2010

Steve Cone - Unfinished Business

Hailing from Arizona USA, Steve Cone (he plays all guitars and vocals) and his partner in crime, drummer Erik Fahrenbach, unleash Unfinished Business upon the world.

Unfinished Business has taken a few years to get completed, with the various distractions and other material that Steve Cone has put out, but here it is, 12 tracks of hard rock / traditional heavy metal.
Now don't let that put you off, think along the line of the more melodic Megadeth and Helloween tracks, maybe even mid eighties era Ozzy Osbourne, and you will be thinking along the right lines. There is nothing here that hasn't been done before, but what is here is done very well. All 12 songs are great, with 'Death From Above' possibly being my pick of the bunch closely followed by 'Not A Word Is Spoken'.

If you want a little walk down memory lane and you like your traditional heavy metal, but fancy hearing some new tracks then this could be the album for you.

Thoroughly enjoyable!

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Rating 8/10

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