Sunday, 7 March 2010

Shylocks - Rockbuster

Rockbuster is the fifth album from this fantastically talented Germany band. The Shylocks play a bright, energetic, catchy form of melodic hard rock. From the opening track of 'Damn Good' the standards set. the songs are very strong, the playing immense and very tight and the production excellent. This album has it all for fans of melodic hard rock.

'Sunshine vs Rain' is a big ballad that could have walked straight off of a Whitesnake masterpiece, 'Rumours' is a great song with a wry look at the world. 'Just For U' a great rocker with an excellent riff! I could list every song here, they're all that good.

If your a fan of aor, melodic and hard rock then you could do a lot worse than check this album out!

Highly recommended

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Rating 9/10

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