Sunday, 14 March 2010

Cemetery Superfly - Ghost In the Radio

Cemetery Superfly began life back in 1994, in ARLINGTON, Massachusetts

United States. Over a period of time the 'experimental noise' that the guys were toying with started to sound more like songs, now fast forward 16 years and we have their latest release, Ghost In The Radio, which is a 6 track Ep. The Ep is crammed with heavy, melodic music featuring plenty of screaming vocals and three part harmonies, off-the-wall guitar solos and deep, dark brooding melodies with explosive guitar riffs that a 70's era Sabbath would be proud to call their own.

All 6 tracks (well 5 really as the opener is a 1 minute instrumental intro) are all of the highest quality. This is a great enjoyable album in the classic rock / alternative mould, with 'Mad Woman' and 'World Without End Part II' being the picks of the bunch for me.

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Rating 9/10

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