Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Genre -
Label - Glasstone Records

Track listing -
01 - Leap of Desire 1
02 - Sunday Best
03 - Mud (feat Sucker Twin)
04 - Leagacy
05 - Blinded
06 - This Is A raid
07 - Pull Out The Nails
08 - Leap Of Desire 11
09 - Nowhere To Run To
10 - Softer Cell

Brighton-based duo YOU LOVE HERE COZ SHE’S DEAD release thier debut self titled album on Glasstone Records. YOU LOVE HERE COZ SHE’S DEAD’s album release follows an iTunes featured 'Hot Picks' debut EP, singles, remixes & compilations on Kitsuné, EMI & Glasstone, andwith their music appearing on films (Teen Wolf) and TV Shows (Skins). So as you can see these guys have been showcasing their blend of elctro punk indie pop all over the place.
The album is a collection of 10 tracks (some re-worked and some brand new) that Elle & Jay felt made sense together and are a good representation of their collaborative creative efforts.

The album was entirely produced and mixed by YLHCSD and mastered at The Exchange in London by Nilesh Patel (Daft Punk / Justice / Mr.Oizo / Björk / Underworld).
This is an interesting release, a kind of cross over album, with a punk ish element, but definetly more techno / electronica based. The songs are a miss mash of electronic beast, keyboards, guitars and Elle's distotrted vocals. Not bad at all but not really my cup of tea.
Enjoyable but for me rather throw away, so please check these guys out for yourselves.

Fans or anyone interested in these guys, can DOWNLOAD ALBUM TRACK ‘LEAP OF DESIRE FOR FREE HERE: "

Rating - 7/10 (mainly because its not to my personal taste, so please check them out for yourselves!)

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