Sunday, 25 September 2011

Queen - The Works (2011 deluxe remaster)

Genre - Rock / Pop

Track listing -


01 – Radio Ga Ga
02 – Tear It Up
03 – It’s A Hard Life
04 – Man On The Prowl
05 – Machines (Back To Humans)
06 – I Want To Break Free
07 – Keep Passing The Open Windows
08 – Hammer To Fall
09 – Is This The World We Created …

01 – I Go Crazy (B-Side)
02 – I Want To Break Free (Single Remix)
03 – Hammer To Fall (Headbanger’s Mix)
04 – Is This The World We Created… (Live in Rio, January 1985)
05 – Its A Hard Life (Live in Rio, January 1985)
06 – Thank God It’s Christmas (Non-Album Single)

Queen studio albums continue to get the remastering treatment, this time its 1984's release The Works. this album need no introductions, it features some of Queens biggest know singles (and most controversial!), in Radio GaGa and I Want To Break Free, plus a couple of Queens later day rockng classics such as Tear It Up and Hammer To Fall. Again the remastering brings out the best from each song, giving them all a brand new lease of life, leaving the listener to discover things that they had never noticed in the past.

the bonus tracks on CD2 are a little dissapointing, I know for a fact that there are demo's that could have been included in place of the live tracks, such as the Michael Jackson tracks, or Back To Storm or even the demo version of Keep Passing The Open Windows that has been doing the rounds in trading circles.

Still a mighty fine release non the less!

Rating - 9/10

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