Sunday, 25 September 2011

Queen - Innuendo (2011 deluxe remaster)

Genre - Rock / Pop

Track listing -

01 – Innuendo

02 – I’m Going Slightly Mad
03 – Headlong
04 – I Can’t Live With You
05 – Don’t Try So Hard
06 – Ride The Willd Wind
07 – All God’s People
08 – These Are The Days Of Our Lives
09 – Delilah
10 – The Hitman
11 – Bijou
12 – The Show Must Go On

Bonus CD2:
01 – I Can’t Live With You (1997 Rocks Retake)
02 – Lost Opportunity (B-Side)
03 – Ride The Wild Wind (Early Version with Guide Vocal)
04 – I’m Going Slightly Mad (Mad Mix)
05 – Headlong (Embryo with Guide Vocal)

1991, This album suprised the hell out of the nation. Lead single and title track went straight in tio the UK charts at number 1, the album followed a week later, and by god what an album! Spawning another 5 hit singles, Innuendo, Im Going Slightly Mad, Headlong, These Are The days Of Our Lives (which was to be the last promo video Freddie would ever record, where he seems to say goodby to his fans!) and The Show Must Go On.

This was the best album Queen had made in years, pure majesty, Innuendo, epic, Dont try So Hard with freddies vocals so crystal clear and sharp, The Hitman, a pure rocking work out, if Freddie knew he only had months to live he intended to go out on a high, and that he did!

Again the remastering is spot on, and the bonus disc throws up a few nice suprises, such as Ride The Wild Wind (Early version) and the embryonic Headlong with Brian adding guide vocals.
I would have loved to have seen Face It Alone, Assassin, My Secret Fantasy, Self Made Man and Robbery make this release, but onve again I can but hope that the promoised Anthology set eventually gets released.

rating 10/10 

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