Sunday, 25 September 2011

Queen - The Miracle (2011 deluxe remaster)

Genre - Rock / Pop

Track listing -

01 – Party
02 – Khashoggi’s Ship
03 – The Miracle
04 – I Want It All
05 – The Invisible Man
06 – Breakthru
07 – Rain Must Fall
08 – Scandal
09 – My Baby Does Me
10 – Was It All Worth It

Bonus CD2:
01 – I Want It All (Single Version)
02 – The Invisible Man (Early Version with Guide Vocal, August 1988)
03 – Hang On in There (B-Side)
04 – Hijack My Heart (B-Side)
05 – Stealin’ (B-Side)
06 – Chinese Tortoure (Instrumental)
07 – The Invisible Man (12” Version)

1989, the decade was coming to a close everyone was looking back over the past 10 years and voting in polls about who were the best band, best single, best live act etc, Queen released The Miracle spawing 5 hit singles and pretty much made  clean sweep of all the polls!
5 hit singles, I Want It All, The Miracle, Breakthru, The Invisible Man and Scandal, not bad going for a 10 track album!
now this album was one of the first albums to be recorded digitally, and that left the sound feeling a lil over produced (Queen over produced, no never!) and flat. This remaster injects a lot of life into the over all sound, making the tracks sound a little closer to their demo's (which are ace by the way!) so splendid job there.
the bonus disc, hmmm well mixed feeling here, yes I am happy at what they've put out, but there is so much more from these sessions that couls have been put on this disc! They've included the 12" version of The Invisible Man but NOT the extended 12" versions of Breakthru or Scandal hmmm. They have also included the unrealeased demo of The Invisible Man, which is interested and great appreciated, but why not include the other demo's know to exist from these sessions (theses sessions were so productive at one stage they considered putting out another album or EP entitled The Alternative Miracle!)
I would have loved to have seen, A New Life Is Born, I Guess We're Falling Out, Stealin' (12 min Jam version), Affairs, the original version of Too Much Love Will Kill You with Freddie on vocals (which was recorded during these sessions!)or Grand Dame get an officail realease. Also where is My Life Has Been Saved (Original 1989 B-side)?

great release, appreciated remaster but seriously left wanting more!

Rating 9/10 (for what we get)

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