Sunday, 25 September 2011

Queen - Made In Heaven (2011 deluxe remaster)

Genre - Rock / Pop

Track listing -

01 – It’s A Beautiful Day
02 – Made In Heaven
03 – Let Me Live
04 – Mother Love
05 – My Life Has Been Saved
06 – I Was Born To Love You
07 – Heaven For Everyone
08 – Too Much Love Will Kill You
09 – You Don’t Fool Me
10 – A Winter’s Tale
11 – It’s A Beautiful Day (reprise)
12 – (Yeah)
13 – (Dead)

Bonus CD2:
01 – Heaven For Everyone (Single Version)
02 – It’s A Beautiful Day (B-Side Version)
03 – My Life Has Been Saved (1989 B-Side Version)
04 – I Was Born To Love You (Vocal & Piano Version)
05 – Rock In Rio Blues (Live B-Side)
06 – A Winter’s Tale (Cosy Fireside Mix)

this album was put together by the surviving band members after Freddies death and released in 1995. It features a collection of songs that Freddie finished before he died, Mother Love, A Winters Tale, You Dont Fool Me, re-worked solo tracks, Made In Heaven, I Was Born To Love You, Heaven For Everyone, Too Much Love Will Kill You, and re-worked tracks that had never been released, Its A Beautiful day, Let Me Live, and a re-worked B-side in My life Has Been Saved.

It was a strange album to listen too for the first time know that Freddie was no longer with us. this album had a slightly heavier sound than the past few Queen releases which was probably down to freddie not being involoved in its production.

Again the remastering here is spot on, and you cant really expect too much from the bonus disc as its an album made from leftovers in the first place, but I would have liked to have seen the origianal version of Let Me Live included with its why dont you take another little piece of my heart refrain.

still a great release.

rating - 10/10

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