Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sebastian Bach - Kicking and Screaming

Genre - Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Track listing -
01. Kicking & Screaming

02. My Own Worst Enemy
03. TunnelVision (featuring John 5)
04. Dance On Your Grave
05. Caught In A Dream
06. As Long As I Got The Music
07. I'm Alive
08. Dirty Power
09. Live The Life
10. Dream Forever
11. One Good Reason
12. Lost In The Light
13. Wishin'

Former Skidrow vocalist Seb Bach returns with his latest offering, Kicking and Screaming, an apt title for one of rocks wildest characters.
Opening with lead single and title track, Kickind And Screaming, Seb really sets out his stall. Great riff driven songs dripping in melody. Seb seems to be in fine voice here, with his vocals showcasing his range, from subtle soft melodies, to rough growl to full on metal scream.
Now here we have 13 well written, finely crafted songs, performed by a very talented band, but to me it just seems that something is missing. please dont get me wrong, I have always loved Seb Bach, ever since back in the MTV hey day with Skidrow's 18 & Life and Youth Gone Wild, through Skidrows highest point todate with Slave To The Grind, and I loved Sebs last solo effort Angel Down, but this album is more Youth Gone Mild than Kicking and Screaming. I just cant put my finger on it, the songs are great, the band sonds great, and as I have already said, Seb is in fine voice, so maybe its the production. Everything is just a little too polished for my liking, robbing the tracks of that raw edge, that energy that was so apparent of Skidrows Slave To The Grind.
Again, please dont get me wrong, this is a fine album, with stand out tracks like, My Own Worst Enemy, As Long As I Got The Music, Dirty Power and Tunnel Vision, it just lacks a little something for me.

Rating - 8/10

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