Saturday, 24 September 2011

Visitor - The Need To Believe

Genre - Metal / Metalcore
Label - Copro Records / Casket Records

Track listing -

01 - Face Of Fear
02 - 428
03 - The Whispering
04 - We Are Not Alone
05 -World In Flames
06 - Relentless
07 - 9 Circles of Hell

Manchester four piece, Visitor, unleash The Need To Believe upon the poor unsuspectine world. Seven, yes only seven, tracks of blistering riffs, relentless drumming and 3 part vocals, yes three of the four guys handle vocal duties, switching between each other throughout each song. The songs are relentless, pounding you into submission, barely leaving you time to catch your breath. I love the vocals, constantly changing from old school metal, vocal harmonies and growling, great concept.
This album probably needed a softer track included, to add a little contrast, a little light to the shade so to speak, but on a whole its a good release, but be warned, it WILL LEAVE YOU EXHAUSTED!!

website - Visitor
Rating - 8.5/10

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