Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Genre - rock / punk / garage / experimental / indie

Label - Black Nutria Independent Label / Cargo

Track listing -
01. Consequences 

02. Rust 
03. DIsmembered 
04. Sailing Away 
05. U.T.W.
06. The Last Man 
07. Ignorance 
08. Guilty

"This Italian trio have been a band since 2003, pursuing an essential and minimal “ice cold” approach to their music: an eclectic and unpredictable brand of post-punk that doesn't overlook the genre’s minimal approach and essence."
With a stripped down sound, and some fairly solid songs, Polar For The Masses pretty much acheive their goal with Silence. With an almost idie grunge feel  with a punk / post punk approach these guys do offer something a little different, and rather enjoyable. All the songs are pretty solid, with Sailing Away, The Last Man and Guilty really standing out to my ears. With comparisons being made to Placebo, Brian Molko, Foo Fighters and Dave Grhol the band are getting alot of relavent attention. Silence is the bands third album, and their experience shows in the tightness of the band, but I feel the production is just a little too flat for me, robbing the songs of some of their attitude and agression.
On a whole not a bad album, worth checking out, but I would love to see what the guys could come up with, by enlisting the aid of a top producer!

Website - Polar For The Masses
rating - 8/10 

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